Queen Orders

2023 NWC Queen Price List

Queens will be available May 15th through September 4th

Currently booked until May

Contact us for current availability

Open Mated New World Carniolan Queens


 1-5 6-10 11-19 20-49 50+
 $32.00 $30.00 $28.00 $27.00 $26.00



All queens are marked at no additional charge.
The color for 2021 is yellow
Shipping is not included in queen prices.

We also offer Virgin Queens,and  Ripe Queen Cells .

Open Mated New World Carniolan Queens: 

Our open mated queens are grafted from stock from the New World Carnolian Breeding program.  They are mated and are laying in our 5 frame mating nucs before they are shipped.

To Order: e-mail or call us to confirm availability or if you have any questions. No payment is needed when you place your order. Payment in full must be made before the shipping date.



Queens may be shipped by USPS Priority Mail, Express Mail or by UPS Next Day Air.  Queens will typically be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays when shipping by USPS to avoid shipments from being held over the weekend at the post office.Queens are normally shipped in JzBz queen cages with attendants.  We do offer battery box shipping for any size order for a nominal fee.   UPS shipping dates are more flexible as they are typically on time.


UPS is highly recommended for the best chance of on time delivery.


 USPS Priority Mail(2-3 or more Days) $9.00 USPS does not guarantee delivery times and deliveries have typically been late.(Not available to a limited list of zip codes due to USPS restrictions)
USPS Express Mail(1-2  or more Days) $26.00  USPS does not guarantee delivery times and deliveries have typically been late. They will only refund postage if delivery takes longer than 3 days with live shipments.(Not available to a limited list of zip codes due to USPS restrictions)
UPS Next Day Air **Recommended for ON TIME delivery**  Call or email for a quote.Rates typically vary from $30 to $65 for 10 queens depending on location (zip code).  Shipping is based on weight and size so larger shipment and battery boxes may cost more.  Saturday delivery is available at an additional cost.Queens shipped by UPS cannot be insured, but the risk is lower due to shorter shipping times.
UPS Next Day Air Saver $35 for 1-20 queens (Highly Recommended)
UPS 2nd Day Air $25 for 1-20 queens
UPS Saturday Delivery Typically $15 extra
Battery Box $6.00 extra

* Not all shipping methods are available in all areas.


You are welcome to pick up queens to save on shipping and reduce the stress on your queens. Please email or call to make arrangements before coming. Click here for a map.


Full Payment must be received before the queens will be shipped. Payment is accepted by PayPal, Check, Money Order or by Credit Card by phone or fax.  If payment is not received at least a week before they shipping date your order may be delayed.

Shipping Dates:

Shipping dates quoted with your order are approximate.  Typically we ship queens on Monday and Tuesday to avoid queens being delayed over the weekend.  Queens shipped by UPS may be shipped Monday thru Thursday because they guarantee next day delivery.  Saturday delivery is possible by UPS but will incur an additional charge by UPS.

It is possible the weather can delay your order even if it is sunny and warm the day your queens are supposed to ship.  Queens require temperatures of 68 to 69 degrees for mating and cool days a week or more before the shipping date can delay mating and your thus delay shipping of your queens.  It is also possible that a delay in previous weeks could push back your order.  Long cold spells (such as the 3 week period in May ’06) can seriously delay orders as queens will start laying drones if they cannot mate for a long period of time.

We do our best to meet quoted shipping dates but weather can be a wildcard here in Ohio and is outside of our control.  Earlier queens (April and May) are more subject to delay.  Later in the season we have rarely had problems.

We will call and/or email when we know your queens are to ship.  Usually on the day or day before they ship.  If we do not call or e-mail, we have not harvested enough queens to ship on your target date due to weather or other factors.  We will do our best to get your queens shipped as soon as possible, but would much rather send good laying queens, than ship poorly mated queens.


UPS shipments are not insurable but the risk is minimal.  Queens shipped via UPS are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Replacement of queens is at the discretion of Honey Run Apiaries and is also subject to availability.

USPS shipments may be insured.  Should your shipment be damaged or dead on arrival due to shipping delays or mishandling, you can fill out claim forms at your local post office.  We will assist if needed and will have to file ourselves for lost packages.  Replacement queens, if available, must be paid in full before shipment.

USPS will not guarantee delivery times on Priority Mail packages.

USPS will not guarantee or issue refunds for Express Mail that is not delivered by their normal guaranteed times.   USPS only will issue refunds of postage if the delivery Express mail takes longer than 3 days.

In all cases replacement queens are subject to availability and the sole discretion of Honey Run Apiaries.

Honey Run Apiaries cannot issue refunds for shipping unless the carrier issues a refund per their policies.


We cannot be responsible for the successful introduction of the queens as it is outside of our control.  Some tips on introducing queens are given here.  In difficult cases with large populous hives or when changing breeds or introducing valuable breeder queens, we do recommend using push in cages or manual introduction.

Virgin Queens: 

By request we now offer virgin queens.  These queens are unmated and will be shipped when they are 1-2 days old.  You must introduce them into your hives where they can make mating flights.  You must have a good supply of drones, weather, and temperatures that allow for mating.  (69 degrees F or higher), or they can be used for instrumental insemination.  Because introduction and mating conditions are outside our control we cannot guarantee successful introduction or mating.  Even under optimal conditions one cannot expect perfect success.  Note: virgin queens are more difficult to introduce than mated queens.  Allowing extra time before release from the cage is recommended.  Virgin queens must be ordered a minimum of 20 days  in advance.  Shipping rates are the same as for mated queens above.  Availability is not dependent on our open mated queens.  Please e-mail any questions or to check availability.


 1-5 6-19 20-49 50+
 $15.0 $14.00 $13.00 $12.00


Ripe Queen Cells: 

Queen cells must be ordered a minimum of 20 days in advanced and are subject to availability, especially on shorter notice.  We recommend they are picked up and installed immediately, though they may be shipped via UPS Next Day Air.  You should bring a small cooler to keep them warm until introduction into the hive.  Queen cells should be placed into your hives or nucs soon after pickup as they should begin hatching in 24 hours.   Required mating conditions are the same as for virgin queens above.  Again, because introduction and mating conditions are outside our control we cannot guarantee successful introduction or mating.   Availability is not dependent on our open mated queens.  Please e-mail any questions or to check availability.



 1-10 11-49 50+
 $7.00 $6.50 $6.00


Queen cells may be shipped by UPS Next Day Air in a battery box with candy, water and enough attendants to keep the cells warm.  Cells must be taken care of immediately upon receipt to avoid having them emerge in the box.  UPS cannot be insured and while the risk is minimal it is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Please e-mail for a quote on shipping to your zip code.  A battery box ($6.00) is required for all queen cell shipments.   It is not required for pick ups.