All Season Inner Cover - 8 Frame

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Ventilation is very important to the health of the hive. It can be especially important in the winter in colder climates as well as during the heat of the summer. We have found an upper entrance so moisture can escape the hive in the winter combined with insulation so the moisture does not condense on the underside of inner cover and drip down on the cluster significantly improves overwintering success.  This inner cover replaces both your standard inner cover and any overwintering boxes typically used.

Developed over several years, we feel our all season inner cover provides not only appropriate ventilation and insulation during the winter, but also allows easy access for late or early season feeding, plus the benefits of passive cross flow ventilation during the summer without the cost of other systems.

In the summer, remove the insulation to increase hive ventillation.  The screen covering the middle hole should also be removed so the bees can keep the inner cover pest free.  The bees are very reluctant to build any comb in the inner cover and the only time we have seen them do so is when the beekeeper is very late adding more space to the hive.

In the late fall and winter, replace the screen and insulation to reduce or eliminate condensation under the inner cover.  THe insulation plug allows you to check on the bees and even use a inverted jar to feed any time. 

The bees love the upper entrance all year long, but particularly love it in the winter and early spring to make cleansing flights.  It's located above the cluster providing a warmer entrance and a way for excess moisture to escape the hive.

Insulation is included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review