Screened Bottom Board - 8 Frame

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8 Frame
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Product Overview

Screened bottom board with removable corrugated plastic sheet for varroa detection and to close off the screen when necessary.  The front opening is 3/8" high, providing plenty of room from the bees.  We've found this smaller opening reduces robbing (though will not eliminate it), and eliminates most mouse damage.   This does mean however that the standard entrance reducer will not fit in the entrance.  The entrance reducer may be placed in front of the box on top of the screened bottom board.  Or you can do as we do and insert a 3/8" thick piece of wood in the entrance to reduce it.

Here in Ohio, we do find it necessary to insert the corrugated plastic sheet during the winter to reduce drafts, but we tend to have cold, windy weather.   In other areas beekeepers may leave the sheet out all year long.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review