5 Frame Deep Nuc

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Product Overview

5 Frame Deep Nuc without frames.   (Also available in Medium)

  • Integrated bottom board with screen.
  • Migratory top

Our two piece nuc is less expensive than nucs with separate bottom boards, inner covers and telescoping covers.  The box is taller than a normal dee[ to allow for proper space both above and below the frames.  

The entrance is a small hole just abover the handle on one end.  This small entrance is large enough for even the most populous nuc yet minimizing robbing when the nuc is small.  The entrance location, combined with the frames makes it nearly mouse proof as well.   For moving simply close up the entrance with a piece of duct tape.

The bottom is partially screened making it easy to move the nuc  (just close the entrance and go) and notches allow you to close the bottom if desired with a 1/4" piece of plywood or corrugated plastic (not included).

We have used these for splits, raising queens and with additional boxes have even overwintered bees in them (in Ohio).



(No reviews yet) Write a Review