Queen Cell Incubator - 5 Frame

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Product Overview

Our 5 frame queen cell incubator includes the Ranco ETC-11100-000 Digital Temperature controller for precise temperature control within 1 degree. It is portable making it easy to transport queen cells or frames of brood from the hive indoors for grafting in addition to storing capped queen cells or virgin queens until they are placed in mating nucs. The polyurethane finish protects the outside from wear and the inside from the humidity. A sponge and/or small container of water (not included) should be placed in the incubator to maintain the proper humidity inside. A frame feeder works well for this purpose as well.

The unit has now been upgraded to use a 60 watt heating pad. The pad has a longer life span than incadecent light bulbs (which are becoming scarse), and allows the incubator to be smaller.

Both medium and deep frames will fit.

Plans for this simplified 5 frame incubator are available on our website for those who wish to build their own.

Incubator instructions can be found here.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review