Queen Castle - Deep Frame

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Product Overview

Queen Castle (sometimes called Queen Hotel), is a standard 10 frame box divided in to three, 3 frame sections.  Each section has it's own entrance allowing you to raise 3 queens a a time.


  • Uses standard deep or medium frames. 
  • Standard 10 frame size - Use a standard telescoping cover on the queen castle.
  • 3 - 3 frame sections
  • Dividers are removable.  Combine adjacent sections if needed.
  • Each section has vent holes to allow the bees to cool the hive in the summer.
  • Extra space above and below the frames allows proper circulation and enough room for the wide base JZsBZs queen cell cup with the 'peg'
  • Feet so that the queen castle does not sit directly on the stand or pallet. 
  • Small 5/8" entrances on 3 sides of the queen castle minimize robbing.

We tested this design in our own bee yards. and just love it.   3 frames per second gives the queen more space to lay and makes it much easier to balance resources when they get overcrowded.  It's also easier to catch the queen when she is on the sides or bottom of a section.  They provide enough ventillation to prevent overheating in the hot summer and enough bees to keep the brood warm in the early spring.

Available in both deep and Medium frame models.

Does not include frames or telescoping cover.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review